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About Me

Graphic Designing & I

Graphic Designing is not just a designation or a job, It doesn’t come with reading books or attending courses. It is a passion, something you need to have in you! Something you love and have patience for it. 

Graphic designing was something I knew I had in me, I just needed the tools, softwares and a push to make my dream job come true. 

Why Graphic Designing?

I enjoy listening to what my clients visualize in their minds, and bringing those ideas and pictures out to reality. I enjoy playing with ideas, colors, fonts and icons to create something that makes my client smile and say: THAT’S IT!

Nowadays, Companies are opening every minute and it’s becoming very difficult to stand out and be visible. This is where I come to help you build your unique, catchy and memorable brand.

Photography and Photo Editing

I do Product Photography which includes any items that can fit in my 60 x 60 cm Lightbox. Along with photo editing including light adjustments, brightness adjustments, color matching, photo retouching and so much more. 

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